Monthly Social Media / Web checklist

checklistIf you have had a website or social media accounts for any length of time, you have probably had the experience of letting one lie fallow too long. When our web presence turns into cobwebs, it reflects badly on our entire program. I have a few handy tips that can help us keep up to date with minimal time keep our online image manageable.

1. Remember everything you have on line that relates to your business. Keep an up-to-date list of every web site, twitter account, facebook page, etc that relates to your business. If you have a secure place to keep this list, you can keep your login credentials with it, but it must remain secure. Try to remember if you have added any accounts since you last updated this list to be sure it’s up to date. What is your sense about how you are using each of these services? If there are any on your list that you hate to update and/or they are not helping you achieve your goals, then login one last time to kill off the account. That’s one more thing permanently off your task list – give yourself a hand.

2. Make sure you have a strategy for each of these sites. How often do you plan to post on them? What do you expect their impact to be? How will you be able to evaluate how it is working for you? Be concrete and realistic and write this plan down with your above list of channels.

3. It may seem obvious, but I’ll bet you’ve let this slip by in the past. Log in to each site. Do you know your user name and password? It is all two easy to let a site slip into the background if you haven’t bothered to login in a while and all the worse if your last login attempt failed. While you are there, check the stats for page views, comments and other interactions. Do you have spam to cleanout? Have you fallen behind on responding to comments?

4. View each of your channels as your customer would. First, check out what every one looks like when viewed in an incognito window. This is the easiest way to make sure you are seeing what those on the outside see. For some sites and pages where you can’t see anything unless you are logged in, there are tools for viewing your pages as “public”, “friend”, “connections”, etc. Do your posts look good?

5. You can now put together your action plan. How many posts do you need to write to get back on schedule? Do you need to modify your work schedule to keep your interactions up to date? If your review has shown you that some sites are not paying off for the time they require, ditch them. Any of these tasks that can be done in just a few minutes, get them done now. Otherwise, make sure they get on your task list and schedule so when you get to your review next month everything will look great.

The first time you go through this process it will take some time. If you find nooks and crannies that you miss regularly, document them in your strategy so you don’t forget them again. If you go through this process every month, it will get more efficient and you will soon have a social media program that will make you proud and visible to the world in the best way possible.