Would Coaching be good for you?

coachingHere are a few quick tips for identifying when coaching can help you in your life and business. It only takes one of these issues to resonate to know that having a coach in your corner can help you find your best balance in life.

1. You want more. The truth is not everything is possible, but many things are with the right focus. Do your goals really fit your personality, gifts and passions? Are there parts of your life that distract and don’t enliven that can be trimmed? How can you make a plan to live your passions now in a way that develops the life you would like to have? Coaching helps connect the work you are doing now with the life you want to have.

2. You are taking on a new challenge. If you are taking on something new and exciting, coaching can help you focus and maintain that passion from laying out your plan, taking your first steps to bringing your dream to completion. Coaching can help connect the necessary drudgery to the passion that got you started. Having someone in your corner that understands why you want to take on the challenge helps you keep your own interests in focus when the needs of the project start to bear down hard. You can do it, but you don’t have to do it alone.

3. You feel like you are slipping behind. If you resonate with the joke that you don’t have time for time management, take the time for coaching. Coaching helps you find a more realistic approach to self-appraisal, prioritization and accountability.  Most people have a system of external an even internal accountability that focuses on beating us up for what isn’t getting done. Coaching can help you build a system of accountability that stays in line with your gifts, resources and personal motivations. Accountability can be empowering when it’s designed to help you thrive instead of just measuring you against unattainable standards.

4. Your life is becoming unbalanced. For some people, having one overarching, driving passion that rules every moment could be exactly what they need. However, most people would like to have a balance of work, family and personal lives that each enrich our lives in different ways. If your pattern of life doesn’t match the kind of balance you would like to achieve, having a coach to shed light on possibilities is a powerful tool to help you bring life together.

5. Your relationships are stressful or unsatisfying. Life is not all about what you are doing, but often who you are doing it with. Coaching can help you assess your part in relationships to help you build life-giving bonds in the home, the workplace and in your community. The coaching relationship itself can be part of a network of relationships that both strengthen you and the communities you live in.

There are many ways coaching can bring focus, peace and hope to all of what you do, but this list hopefully brings to mind some ways that having a coaching partner can bring the light you need to thrive.